February 13-16, Baskent University, ANKARA

Most Distinguished Participants,

My name is Onat Yarkın Dikkatli, I am a sophomore Law student at Baskent University and I have the upmost honour of serving as the Secretary-General of the third annual session of Baskent University Model United Nations which will be held between 13-16 February 2020 in Ankara.

Over the past few months, both academic and organization teams of BASMUN 2020 have been working in a tireless manner to be able to give an effort to provide all participants with an unforgettable and overjoying experience of Model United Nations. BASMUN aims to increase awareness on the conflicts that the world faces whilst establishing an environment in which the participants are able to build discussion skills. Therefore, our Academic Team has been working relentlessly to create a conference that serves this purpose. In BASMUN 20, we set the theme of our conference as “Understanding the Complexities”, so that all the participants will have the chance to acknowledge all the historical moments that the global community suffered both internally and externally without having to find a comprehensive solution. Delegates will address many of the most controversial international and domestic topics in six committees; North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Disarmament and International Security Committee, Economic and Social Council and many more…

Onat Yarkın Dikkatli  


With the aim of gathering a wide diversity of opinion on global and domestic issues, we hope to inspire our participants to improve their understanding of worldwide dialogue and negotiation. Throughout the four days that we devote together, our delegates will be actively participating both in and out of the committee to have a productive and an unforgettable conference. As BASMUN 2020 Team, we are certain that each and every single participant will try to enhance a better type of solution for their agenda items, perhaps even better than their previous generations have been established before. Seeing that as the ultimate purpose, our Academic Team will be providing a diverse educational experience and we firmly believe that our excitement and devotion will give you a high-quality experience alongside our perfected academic content. I welcome you all to the third annual session of BASMUN 2020 on behalf of the academic and organization teams and sincerely hope that we will be seeing you in Ankara.

With my kindest regards,

Onat Yarkın Dikkatli

Secretary-General of BASMUN 2020

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